...from the Road
May 18
The Shepherd's Voice, Onalaska WI

Getting There
     No more crowded, standstill freeways on this trip.  We had a great scenic drive down.  LaCrosse must be one of the most beautiful areas in the Midwest.  I-90 cuts right through all of those tall stretching bluffs and tree-laden valleys until you're right beside the Mississippi.  It really is quite breathtaking.  Geez, I sound like a tourist pamphlet.  The timeless beauty of nature is everywhere to be seen, from the country's lush green valleys to its high, wooded hills.  Come - experience Wisconsin...
Fingers Given/Received
     Still none yet in this category.  We did come pretty close again though.  This time is was my faulty lane change in front of a touring bus that was the provoking agent.  Professional drivers like this guy must be so used to the haphazard driving of the general populous that they just learn to ignore it.  There were appologies spoken though... if not heard.  For some reason I quickly yelled out, "Sorry, we're musicians!"  Sherry was quick to point out that whenever I make a wrong turn, a bad set list or driving mistake "i" quickly becomes "we" who made it.

Music Listened to on the Way
     No cds this time.  My car's tape deck just gave in to the decrepitude of old age.  So, instead, we were forced to listen to the radio... ah, the agony.  No wonder it's hard finding people who dig our music - everybody's drowning in the crap that passes as pop music.

Best Songs on the Radio

Activities for the Trip Up
     Well, it all started when Sherry and I realized that we never really do get into arguments.  In fact, we couldn't think of one that we had ever had.  Now this really isn't due to our stellar maturity as individuals, at least on my end, so much as the fact that I am a wuss who loathes confrontation but, nevertheless, we did proceed to try to get into an argument for the next 20 miles... to no avail.

The Meal
     Because of our extensive sound check we only had about fifteen minutes for dinner, which was spent at the local Wendy's.  I only managed to down about 20 french fries but Sherry, who opted for the liquid variation of dinner, managed to finish off a frosty and some chili.  Our meal was graced by the presence of an old camp friend, the wonderful Sarah Ofstedahl, and the 200 some senior pictures that hung on the wall above our table.  Whose idea was that?
Best Senior Picture
     The young man striking the "stud pose" against the ornate background of his bathroom's shower tiles.

The Gig
     We were blessed with a very receptive and attentive audience of about 12 people. There was a very pleasant laid-back feel to everything.  It is amazing how, after about two hours of performing music in a room with a small bunch of people, you feel like you begin to know their personalities.  How they sit, how they react to different things, how they listen...  There are always surprises too though, like the pensive young man who never moved from the corner but seemed to be deeply in thought about the music.  On his way out Sherry had a conversation with him during which he alternated from hitting on her to demonstrating the unequivocal proof that Scripture has for the existence of aliens.  Needless to say, it is clear that we must provide aliens with better legal rights in the future... and be less afraid to sing songs about them.

Coolest Moment
     Well, besides any talk about aliens it would have to be the feeling that people were actually following us on the journey we were taking on stage... as opposed to the past two gigs where people have barely even noticed us.

Sherry's Words of Advice
     Don't play drums between your legs while wearing a skirt.
The Drive Back Home
     Best described as shameful.  We actually resorted to listening to really cheesy country music for about half an hour.  Songs like "I should have been a cowboy" and "I'd take love over money any day".  Strangely enough, we both seemed to know most of the words to these songs...

Culinary Highlights
     Do french fries and chili count?  Actually, I did have a fabulous cafe mocha on the advice of an audience member.  It was really quite good; and I don't even like coffee.

The Summary
     Think twice before singing songs about aliens in Christian Coffeehouses.
you probably can't see this...