...from the Road.
June 28
Acoustic Cafe - Winona, MN
Getting There.
     Another drive through the beautiful bluff country of Southeastern Minnesota.  This is a drive that I could do every week if needs be.  Not too much eventful though.  I guess in this vehicle that is a good thing.  I always value this pre/post time with Sherry.  The road really does lend itself to a certain type of discussion and banter.  I can't imagine how well a band would get to know eachother after months of touring from town to town.  Good process time on the drive home too.
Music Listened to on the Way. 
  Storyhill - Reunion   (gosh they are good)
The Gig.
     Much to our displeasure, despite the handwritten invitation and promotional material that I sent them, the Winona Daily News did not make it to our gig.  Neither did our audience apparently.  We had been told so much about how great the Acoustic Cafe was at bringing in an audience that not only fills the seats but also appreciates music.  Not tonight though.  Maybe our name transmits subliminal messages that subconsciously remind would-be concert goers of leprosy, radioactive flipper babies, detailed photos of STD and ebola virus victims...
     Of course, since there wasn't much of an audience, we played in top form.  I've listened to the recording of that night a couple times and I get so excited about how tight we are beginning to sound on a consistent level.  That type of musical creation can't be replaced by very much in life.
Best Audience Member.
     This man will forever be known as Headphone Guy to us... a sort of post-modern super hero if you ask me.  He was sitting in clear view of the stage, just off in another section of the cafe, kind of half-hunched over some papers.  "Where his ears filled with the joyous sounds of live music?", you may ask.  "Did his toes tap to the driving rhythms of two acoustic guitars?"
     Well, as his name would apply, no... unless these sounds emanated from the two tiny speakers that sealed his ears off from the physical world.  Live music drops another point or two in the polls and decides to lie down and wait for defeat.
Headphone Guy.
Notes to Self.
     Get signed to a big label with lots of $$ for promotion
     Sell soul to the Devil
Coolest Moment.
     Impromtue cover of Jars of Clay's "faith like a child".  One of the few times when we've actually been able to appease the audience's request.  No, we will not play any Eminem...
Culinary Highlight.
     A wonderful meal at Wellington's by the train tracks.  It's always a plus when we have time and money for an actualy meal before the show.  Fast food has a habit of leaving at least one of us in a wicked, fatty tail-spin.  Who wants to play with fat and year-old, genetically altered beef filling your stomach?
The Summary.
     We've gotten to the point where a depressingly empty audience doesn't really throw us anymore.  It still feels good to give a stellar proformance even if no one really heard it.
quit your whinning.