life in binary.
poem in three parts.

when you say the word 'blind'
you cover your eyes.

hearts sigh,
the world wimpers
and the walls of the sky crumble towards the great abyss
of the sea
while you stand repeating

blind, blind,


if i were merely rain on the pavement
outside this crowded college bar
i would rain down upon you as your frustrated step
from the darkened haze of sweat, lipstick, and monitor feedback
and slid into the cool downtown air.

i would rain down upon the glisten on your brow
and brush softly the cascade of hair from your face,

as a sting ray over an outcrop of corral reef
or a bullet from a handgun.


held in the curl of your arm in mine
i dreamt a vast firmament of
heavy wayward sighs,
and the politics of silence.

a fiery fanfare of flight chuckling
as it wraps itself around our combined warmth
and is inhaled like atmosphere upon the wings
of our breath.

was Superman trying to save the world
or just Lois Lane?

is there even a difference?