personalize your settings.
options are not an option
never, never, never shake your booty
lying through your teeth
remote control for my heart
every good boy deserves fuck
others are a kleenex for your heart
will change for money
yesterday will be better than today
evidence of shyness, anger, depression, greed
will die for a good cause
commercials are better than real life
use me as a door, not a rug
will fall for anything
would make a good wizard
could hang upside-down for hours
classified as alive
black magic isn't so black
will work for work
home is where my stuff is
love grows best in the dark
lesbians are liked by everyone
picking a nose vs. picking a fight
cleans guns bi-monthly
designer jeans for a designer soul
can cry on cue
limited intellectual resources
insignificant but not worthless
forget nostalgia
fear ages like fine wine
plastic lasts forever
most of life is binary
convinced by propaganda
dreams in slow-motion
loves a hero
tears and daydreams rule the day
fantasizes about the next life
visualize deceit
include everybody you can
gravity but no falling
don't always resort to happiness
afraid of silence
we appreciate you
fame is in the plans
quick like a cat
facilitate darkness
meets the needs of the group
doing nothing is doing something
comfort is ideal
meaning is extra
scientists lie
knows more than you
mostly dust, some skin
opens doors for the elderly
waiting for the boss to leave
over-involved in the lives of others
risk is a warm bath
yea! for group hugs
two's a crowd
avoids death with ease
bubblegum static on the airwaves
could sink/swim
better than dylan
compliance with authority earns the grade
positioning for one big score
feels naked in a bathing suit
likes a loyal robot
getting better at getting worse
persuaded by subtle forms of evil
alligators in church deserve communion
condescending to those on a lower plane
fingers down your throat
could co-exist with a pet