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A collection of random facts, observations, and complaints from the road. 

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April 25th - The Meeting Grounds, St. Joseph MN
May 18th - The Shepherd's Voice, Onalaska WI
May 24th - Rhythm & Brews, Lake City MN
June 21 - The Coffee Hag, Mankato MN
June 28 - Acoustic Cafe, Winona MN
Nov 15 - 25th St. Market, Fargo ND
Dec 14 - Cafe Diem, Ames IA
Spring/Summer - Why to Become a FolkStar
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the Best of 2002
A humble look at the best albums of the year as determined by our not-so-humble hero.
...the Best of
the Best of 2003
Currently Playing:

  1.  Mike Gunther - Burn It Down For The Nails
  2.  Andrew Bird - The Mystersious Production of Eggs
  3.  Sigur Ross - Takk...
  4.  Discover America - Psychology
  5.  Bright Eyes - Digital Ash in a Digital Urn / I'm Wide
                          Awake, It's Morning
Fall/Winer - State of the Wasteland Address
the Best of 2004
the Best of 2005